Fuel and Data Management

  • Proprietary web-based reporting system
  • Evaluate existing equipment and driver data
  • Create custom data setup
  • Set equipment/driver control/limit parameters (fuel tank capacity, product restrictions, single transaction limits, transactions per month, etc.)
  • Identify profit centers and lines of business for cost tracking
  • Combine information from multiple sources to¬†eliminate gaps in data

Web-Based Reporting

  • Reporting of transactions for compliance with system parameters and exception requirements
  • Produce Fuel Usage Reports by vehicle, department, profit centers, lines of business, and product
  • Exception reporting:
    Multiple Transactions
    Product Restriction/Multiple Product Analysis Transaction Quantity and Capacity  
  • Custom formatted data for exporting to client information systems (CSV, Excel,PDF)

Using a 100-gallon tank mounted on the back of his personal pickup, a state Department of Transportation employee siphoned off thousands of gallons of fuel, costing the department more than $36,000.